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Get DISH from MAS ELECTRONIC DEVICES, located at 934 S Harbor Blvd, Santa Ana, CA 92704. Telephone #: (714) 775-3833.

MAS ELECTRONIC DEVICES in Santa Ana, CA is your local trusted authorized retailer for DISH Network. We offer the best value and the best deals in programming and services for satellite television. Get DISH from MAS ELECTRONIC DEVICES conveniently located at 934 S Harbor Blvd, Santa Ana, CA. We employ people that know the community and care about our service and our reputation. Our highly-trained staff have some of the best offers and subscription deals for satellite TV in Santa Ana, CA 92704. Call us now at (714) 775-3833.

You may have heard similar claims on television or radio, but MAS ELECTRONIC DEVICES will convince you with a simple call that we can provide the best value as an authorized retailer of DISH Network offers in CA. Only DISH delivers superior programming, technology and value for satellite TV and backs up its claims in CA. It is as easy as a short call to your trusted MAS ELECTRONIC DEVICES authorized DISH Network Retailer at (714) 775-3833, right here in Santa Ana, CA.

Check out the DISH programming lineup from MAS ELECTRONIC DEVICES and special promotions from DISH. You will not find a better deal for satellite or TV anywhere else in Santa Ana, CA.

Local Channel Lineup

Station Local Channel Number
Los Angeles, CA - ABC (KABC) 7
Los Angeles, CA - CBS (KCBS) 2
Los Angeles, CA - CW (KTLA) 5
Los Angeles, CA - FOX (KTTV) 11
Los Angeles, CA - IND (KBEH) 63
Los Angeles, CA - IND (KCAL) 9
Los Angeles, CA - IND (KCET) 28
Los Angeles, CA - IND (KDOC) 56
Los Angeles, CA - IND (KILM) 3
Los Angeles, CA - IND (KJLA) 57
Los Angeles, CA - IND (KRCA) 62
Los Angeles, CA - IND (KSCI) 18
Los Angeles, CA - IND (KVMD) 31
Los Angeles, CA - IND (KVME) 20
Los Angeles, CA - IND (KXLA) 44
Los Angeles, CA - ION (KPXN) 30
Los Angeles, CA - MDFOX (KWHY) 22
Los Angeles, CA - MNT (KCOP) 13
Los Angeles, CA - NBC (KNBC) 4
Los Angeles, CA - PBS (KLCS) 58
Los Angeles, CA - PBS (KOCE) 50
Los Angeles, CA - PBS (KVCR) 24
Los Angeles, CA - TMNDO (KVEA) 52
Los Angeles, CA - UNIMAS (KFTR) 46
Los Angeles, CA - UNVSN (KMEX) 34
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Regional and Collegiate Sports Networks are available with America's Top 120 Plus or higher. Learn More

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*Local channels for non-qualifying packages are $6.00 per month. Call (714) 775-3833 for additional details.

** With qualifying package. Call (714) 775-3833 for additional details.

Compare Cable TV or DIRECTV to DISH in Santa Ana, CA and it is obvious that MAS ELECTRONIC DEVICES is your trusted authorized DISH retailer.

What makes us special for DISH sales and service?

Hate commercials? DISH created commercial-free TV so you can save an hour each night. You can automatically skip commercials when you play back recorded primetime shows on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC in HD.* Watch the shows you love minus the commercials. DISH and MAS ELECTRONIC DEVICES delivers satellite TV to your home in Santa Ana, CA.

DISH Anywhere™ Technology: You don't just watch TV in your living room anymore. You watch it all over the place. With Hopper you can take live TV programming with you not just in CA. Only DISH lets you watch live sports, news and everything on your DVR whenever and wherever you want -- on your mobile device, tablet, Smartphone, or computer. Hopper, the most technically advanced Whole-Home HD DVR, delivering more possibilities to more devices than ever not just in Santa Ana but all over.

DISH offers the lowest all-digital package prices nationwide not just in CA.

Why limit yourself? With Blockbuster @Home™, your choices for entertainment are as big as your imagination. Blockbuster @Home from MAS ELECTRONIC DEVICES in Santa Ana, CA allows you to stream thousands of movies from EPIX, STARZ and others to your computer or iPad with dishanywhere.com and the free DISH Anywhere™ Mobile App. Blockbuster @Home offers 20 entertainment channels including STARZ® Cinema, EPIX, Sony Movie Channel, Palladia and more! Connect your HD DVR to broadband and watch thousands of movies, TV shows, kids' titles and Spanish-language favorites instantly On Demand. Free Showtime® + STARZ® + Encore® + Blockbuster @Home™ for 3 months, and we're just getting started.

DISH from MAS ELECTRONIC DEVICES offers the most extensive lineup of technology in the industry. The Hopper® Whole-Home HD DVR is DISH's most advanced set-top box. The PrimeTime Anytime™ feature gives you instant access to your favorite primetime shows right to your home* in Santa Ana, CA. And, Hopper® technology from DISH delivers the shows you love to all your mobile devices wherever you go. Together with available High-Definition programming and the DISH on-air programming guide, you can experience over 200 HD channels.

HD DVR deals in Santa Ana from MAS ELECTRONIC DEVICES, include the first Hopper® Whole-Home HD DVR and up to 3 Joey receivers available with no upgrade fee with subscription to America's Top 120, America's Top 120 Plus, America's Top 200, America's Top 250, America's "Everything" Pak, DishLATINO Dos, or DishLATINO Max at time of service activation.

If Spanish is your thing and telenovelas and futbol are part of your vocabulary, DishLATINO™ has a package that speaks to you in Santa Ana, CA. You can enjoy the most complete Spanish language package for the whole family, plus your local channels starting at $19.99 a month. Enjoy the best of both worlds with DishLATINO™ Dos and Max - a perfect blend of Spanish and English programming for families that are bilingual, or those who just want to sample entertainment and programming from a variety of cultures and continents all from MAS ELECTRONIC DEVICES.

*AutoHop feature is only available with playback of select HD primetime shows on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC as part of PrimeTime Anytime feature. Both features must be enabled by customer and are subject to availability.

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